Friday, October 28, 2011

Featured Artist: Lucary

NNNTeam Featured Artist:  Amy Fowler

When I took a look around Lucary's shop, there is one thing that stood out to me:  eveything is definitely handmade with love.  I noticed that there is great care to each item, though the true quality of any item cannot be captured in pixels and descriptions. 

Amy Fowler is an artist, a mother, a crafter, and endless other things.  Amy started out with the usual girl scout and summer camp craft projects like most of us, but her real crafting started with a cross stitch project.  Amy first started selling her wares at craft shows in 2004.  Thinking of expanding to be able to sell things year round, she opened her Etsy shop Lucary in July of 2011. 

As you can see in Lucary, Amy sells a variety of childrens items from cross-stitched name plates to baby blankets and car seat covers.

However, her shop also features items that would appeal to adults, like pillows, dishcloths, and my favorite:


When I interviewed Amy recently, she was proud to tell me that she is a mother of three children:  Ryan who is 7; Caleb who is 4; and Lucy who is just a mere 17 months old.  She is also working at a Learning Center full time as the Director of Education, after spending 4 years teaching 7th-grade math.  She also has a background in kindergarten-elementary education. 

Makes me wonder how she has the time to create items to list in her beautiful shop!!!

When I asked Amy what her favorite thing to make was, her reply was "anything for children".  She also stated:  "I was so happy to have my daughter and I love to make cute things for her to wear or play with."  Well, after having two boys, it must me fun to make things for a beautiful baby girl!

When asked about her sources of inspiration, Amy mentioned the
Etsy community

"I think my inspiration and motivation has recently been the people here on etsy and the teams I've joined. They inspire me to make me take time in my crafting and stores. My family inspires me daily in how they look to me for assistance, leadership, and most of all, fun!"

You can also see that Lucary is gearing up for the holiday season with beautiful items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas.  Items range from banners to hangings and other home decor. 

Amy is a very active participant in the NNNTeam, and her shop Lucary is definitely worth checking out!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


We will be holding an annual trade event on November 12, 2011 on our Team's Etsy page.  Starla will be the "Star of the Show", as Ashley has never traded before!  It sounds like great fun and an easy way for people to gain positive feedback!  We will be looking to trade each other for $5 items, so start thinking about what you might like to trade or what you are looking for!

History of the NNNTeam

The New and Not So New to Etsy Team, formerly known as the New to Etsy team, was created on April 19, 2011 by Isabel, TheButterflyFlew, to help newbies like herself navigate the world of Etsy. It wasn't long after forming the team that Isabel sought Starla from StarflyCreations to be a Leader. Together, the two worked to build and educate the team as they too learned.

Soon the team grew to be close to 300 and Isabel and Starla found the demands to be too great for the time that they could offer. Isabel had been wanting to decrease her team involvement as other things in life needed her attention more and the demands of the team could not function well with one leader, so they sought to find another leader. They found Ashley from FringeAndFlourish. Ashley was eager to help and stepped up to the role of Leader. It wasn't long before Ashley was running the show as Captain.

Together, Ashley and Starla discussed the current direction of the team. The original NTE team structure was designed to have members "graduate" as they became adept at navigating Etsy, and with the graduates went a world of knowledge. The team leadership brainstormed solutions to make the team more effective and beneficial to not only newbies but to veteran sellers as well. The new revamped New and Not So New team charter was launched October 14, 2011 and with it a new direction.